We remain in a permanent position to listen to our clients.
We hope that receiving information and suggestions, potential criticism will help the development, allowing the full satisfaction of the Airbrush user. Moreover we are available to study any technical solutions allowing the adaptation of our products to a specific use.
The recent development of a « Heating head » allowing to spray a chocolate mix or any other materials that needs to be heated with precision proves our reactivity and the adaptability of our Airbrush.
Thanks to this action, we now have an evolution of the JLP which can be used in the food industry.


JLP AIRBRUSH offers a head especially adapted to the chocolate and any other fabric that need to be heated to be used. The aim of this new product is to allow you to realise some precise decoration work with a mixture of Cocoa butter and chocolate in the usual proportions, (1 for 1) as well as with some preparations going up to 2/3 of chocolate and 1/3 of cocoa butter.

The innovation in the system is based on the control of the temperature setting of the jar receiving the preparation.

You are ensured at any time of the maintenance (with a precision of 1 degree) of the temperature of your jar. You can set the temperature for the work of black white or milk chocolate, respecting your know how and the particularities of your fabrication secrets.
Thanks to the precision of the nozzle set by the development department of PRECIJURA SA new creativity fields are now open in the areas of pastry and chocolate makers. You will manage to realise easily some subtitle gradations, superpose white, milk and dark chocolate and play with colorants adapted to the chocolate.

Saving and rentability, a productivity saving is allowed by the time saved for the cleaning, unblocking, falling in temperatures. You will also save some material, the precision of the spraying has been increased to allow you to spray on the right place at the first time.The chocolate head is adaptable on all our airbrushes. If you already owe one of them you will adapt the new haed without any change.

We thus save the principle of interchangeability.

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