« 1993-1996 : A new product is born »

Preci Jura, situated in Mignovillard (France) is a company specialised in micromechanics and the turning of very high precision products. Remaining in the forefront of high tech since its creation, it contributes to keeping alive the high tech tradition of the Franche Comte.
A teem of very best professionals along with machine tools of the highest precision allows the company to satisfy even the toughest clients working in sectors such as the aircraft and space industry, connectors and optical fibre.
This advanced technological knowledge has been used for the last 15 years delivering an important French brand of highly technical pieces.

In 1993 Preci Jura's employees were presented the challenge to produce the ideal Airbrush, free of any endemic deficiencies such as :
The need to possess different products in order to spray any kind of lines.
Cleaning difficulties
Difficulties of assembly and disassembly
Problems in adapting for both right and left handed users
Lack of permanent adjustment
Difficulty in use on the most difficult paintings
Soon after the launch of the product in September 1994, the demonstration prototype, result of the work of Preci Jura's research department received all the votes during the Micronora Golden Micron competition, an international exhibition of micromecanics in Besancon.
The first batch of devices produced were distributed to airbrushes specialists. Their judgement concerning the quality of the product was unanimous and diverse propositions put forward were considered and applied.
Thus, from 1996, the employees of PreciJura successfully completed their challenge, the range of airbrushes available was enriched with a new evolutional and modular product, the JLP Airbrush.

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